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Vegetarian Food Guide

Vegetarian Food Guide

Without favouring any particular vegetarian approach, the Vegetarian Food Guide addresses 

those who wish to eliminate or reduce their consumption of meat for any reason.

Based on current nutritional data, this six-page, colour-illustrated tool indicates thequantities children, adolescents and adults require each day. The serving size examples in each of the five food groups describe a host of foods from the most well known to the most exotic. There is a surprise for everyone.

 6-page, coloured, 8½x11 pamphlet





Vegan Supplement

Always in the form of a flower, this 4-page, coloured, 8½ x 11 pamphlet proposes a way to meet nutri­tional needs even without dairy products or eggs. It is made up of 9 food groups in order to obtain all the nutritive elements most at risk for deficiencies such as calcium, zinc, vitamin A, riboflavin, and vitamin D, from which an important portion of the required daily amounts comes from milk products.

 4-page, coloured, 8½x11 pamphlet

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Danielle Lamontagne

Nutritionniste et auteure

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